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How to keep your dog cool and comfortable this summer

Two cute big dogs smiling and happy sitting on the grass outdoors in summer

Summer is almost here; the pawfect time to have some fun in the sun with your furry friends. But with the rising temperatures this summer, it’s important to take extra precautions to keep your dogs cool and comfortable.

Below are some fun tips to help your doggos beat the heat this summer!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate!

Dogs require a lot of water to stay hydrated in the hot summer heat, just like us hoomans do. Make sure your dogs have access to fresh water at all times; you can even think about putting ice cubes in their water bowl to keep the water as cool as possible. 

Why not add to the fun by freezing dog treats or toys in water to make a refreshing and fun ice block for your doggos to lick and play with.

2. Provide Plenty of Shade

A slightly obvious tip but make sure your dogs have access to a shaded area, whether it be in a dog house, beneath a tree, or even on a patio that is covered. Anywhere that protects them from the hot sun rays is perfect. 

If there isn’t much shade in your garden, think about buying a canopy or umbrella to offer some protection and relief from the sun. Even better, install a kiddie pool in the shade for your doggos to enjoy and splash around in!

3. Take Frequent Breaks from the Sun

If you’re spending time outside with your doggos, be sure to take regular frequent breaks in the shade or any cooler areas away from the scorching sun. To help your dog remain cool, you can even bring a portable fan or misting spray bottle, and be sure to provide water ever so often.

If the furry loved ones start panting heavily or seem quite lethargic, then you know it’s time to head back inside for a break from the outdoors.

Cute small dog having a nap and cooling down indoors on the sofa

4. Avoid Hot Surfaces

Hot pavements, asphalt, concrete, and other boiling surfaces can easily cause burns on your dog’s paws. During the hottest times of the day, try to walk your dog in parks with shade or on grassy areas. 

To further save your dog’s paws from burning on hot surfaces, you may additionally buy some booties or paw wax.

5. Plan Outdoor Activities for Cooler Times in the Day

If you’re planning on doing an outdoor training session with your cute dogs or going for a nice long walk, it’s worth planning it for the cooler times during the day, such as early mornings or late evenings. 

Going outdoors in cooler times will not only help keep your dog cool, but it will also definitely make the activity more enjoyable for both of you!

6. Tasty Frozen Treats

On a hot summer’s day, who doesn’t love an ice-cold treat? By mixing dog-loving fruit (such as watermelon, strawberry and blueberries) with yoghurt, and then freezing the mix in ice cube trays, you can create your own homemade dog-friendly frozen treats. 

As an alternative, you can also buy dog-friendly frozen treats or ice cream from an online or local pet store.

7. Consider Dog Cooling Products

Some hairy dogs grapple with the heat more than others, and if your dog is really struggling to stay cool, consider investing in cooling products such as cooling mats, cooling vests or even fun and colourful bandanas. 

Some of these cooling accessories use unique materials to absorb and release heat, offering your dog a cool, cosy surface to wear or even sleep on. Simply remember to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions, and to avoid leaving your dogs unaccompanied with a cooling product.

8. Keep Your Dogs Well-groomed

This is a surprising tip that most dog mums and dog dads forget, but regular grooming can help keep your dogs cool in the summer, particularly the hairier ones or those that tend to moult quite a bit. 

Overheating can be minimised with shorter haircuts, and matting can be avoided with regular brushing and removing any extra fur. Just be sure to cover any exposed skin or the areas with thin fur with dog-safe sunscreen to shield those areas from the sun’s damaging rays.

There you have it; 8 helpful tips so you and your furry friends can enjoy a fun and safe summer together! Always remember to keep an eye on your cute doggos for any signs of heat exhaustion, such as lethargy, excessive panting or drooling.

Be sure to share these tips with all of your dog mum and dog dad friends, and if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. Stay cool, pups!

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