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Should Dogs Wear Raincoats?

Brodie the Border Collie wearing the Dog A La Mode fashionable and trendy Buddy waterproof yellow dog raincoat sitting outside while it is raining near a lake

Hey there dog lovers! Today we’re diving into a groundbreaking all-important question that has sparked heated debates in the pet community for years: should our furry friends strut their stuff in stylish and trendy raincoats when the heavens open up? (Ie. Should dogs wear raincoats?)

Let’s face it fellow humans: dogs are already masters of style. With their infectious charm and their waggly tails, any outfit they wear can look like the latest trend. But when it comes to dog raincoats, some pet parents still aren’t sure of the idea so let’s answer the question once and for all.

Should dogs wear raincoats?

Absolutely! Dog raincoats are the ultimate blend of fashion and function! They’re not just for the style points, dog raincoats are like a superhero’s cape, keeping our furry companions dry and ready to take on the world – one puddle at a time! 

There are some types of dogs that feel the cold much faster than others so a nice raincoat helps keep them from shivering. Here are the type of dogs that particularly benefit from a warm raincoat for protection:

  • Young or older dogs
  • Underweight dogs
  • Dogs with thin or fine fur (such as Greyhounds, Whippets, Chihuahuas, etc.)
  • Unwell dogs

Not only do waterproof dog raincoats protect the doggos from becoming soggy noodles, but they also save us humans from cleaning up the aftermath of a wet doggy shake-off. All dog owners can relate to that feeling of a miniature hurricane in your house with dirty water decorating our furniture. So protect your sofas, floors, carpets, tables and every treasured furniture by investing in trendy waterproof dog raincoats for your furry loved ones.

Is it OK to leave a coat on a dog?

Yes, not a problem in the right situations. When going outside in the rain or the cold, then a dog jacket or dog coat is perfect for dogs as it protects them from the harsh weather well. 

But in the warmer temperatures, dogs do not require a coat as it causes them to overheat and become tired more easily. Even indoors, most dogs do not need a coat or jacket. Some smaller dogs with thin fur who seem to be cold or shivering indoors would benefit from warm and cozy dog jumpers.

What should the dog raincoat cover?

Whatever trendy raincoat you choose for your best four-legged friends, look for a water resistant or waterproof raincoat that can protect the dog’s neck, chest, shoulders, back and belly.

Ideally you want the dog raincoat to cover the whole back all the way up to the wagging tail. Try to also get a raincoat with a hood to protect the furry one’s head from the cold rain.

There you have it, the great debate of whether dogs should wear raincoats is a strong ‘yes’!

Dog raincoats help protect our fur-babies, rain or shine because of many wonderful reasons:

  • They protect our doggos from the rain or the cold.
  • They look like they should be on the cover of Dog Vogue Winter Edition.
  • They even protect our furniture from a wet hurricane-like shake off.

If you’re looking for a fashionable dog raincoat, why not have a browse at our most popular waterproof yellow ‘Buddy’ dog raincoat!

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